Easter Experience


I know that it is way past Easter, but I finally had the time to write this, and I am excited to shares this little story of mine.  Well, for Easter, Grace Bible Church Honolulu planned to do something special.  We planned  our most creative service, consisting of an awesome Word from Pastor Gregg regarding how God is creating a masterpiece in our lives, an art show (including my work and the children at children’s church),



a touching testimony from Brandon Tucay, and me painting on stage while Pastor Gregg and Brandon shared his testimony.



As one would expect, A LOT of planning had to be done, but the Holy Spirit really guided us.



Previously, I had the privilege of doing my first preaching on how we are God’s masterpiece at our youth service in Honolulu.  By God’s grace I was able to preach and paint my illustration.  The illustration was originally 2ft x 3ft.  Then fast forward to Easter weekend, the pastors asked me to do the same illustration for the Easter sunday service.  So that week, i was honestly unsure of how everything would turn out.  Since Honolulu has 2 morning services and more people than our youth service, I had to make 2 pieces, and I had to make it bigger at 3ft x 4ft each!  So the week went on, I started painting the panels (it took over 3 hours to “complete” one panel),





also, I coordinated with Pastor Billy on the logistics of setting up the art show, and asked Uncle Mark to build an easel to hold the panel (and he made it in one day! Thank you Uncle Mark!). 



When Easter sunday came, I was excited to see how everything would turn out.  I remember getting there at 6am to help setup the work with Uncle Barry and family and a few others.  When the services rolled through… everything went by smoothly!  The preaching was solid, Brandon’s testimony was touching, and the painting illustration went really well.



I remember coming home that Easter afternoon.  Tired yet fulfilled, I looked down at my hands I noticed this…








…Crazy!!!  I really was humbled knowing that all the labor was not done in vain.  What I felt was a sacrifices of my talent, treasure, and time- painting these two big panels and coordinating/setting up the art show, wasn’t much of a sacrifice at all.   My so called “sacrifices” can’t even compare to what Jesus did on the cross for you and me. Crazy how God would speak to us in the most simplest of moments… After looking at my hand, I couldn’t help but say, “Thank You Lord for the opportunity to use my giftings and talents to glorify You and help bring others closer to a deeper understanding of who You are…”



I hope my little story encouraged ya’ll in some way.




God bless.




(Thank you Living Stones for the great illustration.)


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  1. I am frequently searching for brand-new posts in the WWW about this topic. Thx!

    December 11, 2009 at 11:11 pm

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