This week has been one of the most craziest weeks i’ve had in my entire life.  I’ve never had so much huge things planned in one week.  Amongst the usual family responsibilities, I had key deadlines to meet.  On friday, I had the privilege of painting a custom skate deck for an art show that would raise money to help a man with cancer.  On saturday, I served at our church’s event called Overdrive, where the proceeds will go to missions.  I had to complete and paint a custom Munny and do a live painting for auction, and had to plan and coordinate the live art setup, and lastly I helped coordinate/assist/setup a 25 person art show displays in a new venue.  And to top it all off, amongst ministry responsibilities throughout the week, on Sunday, I had to have completed a designed/painted second banner illustration for our church series, then coordinate dedicated volunteers to help bring the vision to life.

My plate was full.  I tried to take things in stride and ordered my time as best as I could.

As my week unfolded, things got accomplished, but in the end of a few tasks, I failed.  Then I adjust as best as I can.  After the cycle of accomplishment and failure, I can’t help but to look down on myself.

You see, this entire week I was blessed tremendously by Jeni, Robby, Stan, Micah, Greg, Royr, Phil, Anastacio, and Karen, Koak, Dodge, Eukarezt, Ohana, amongst a slew of MPD partners.  They’ve lent they’re talents, abilities, and their willingness to serve beyond themselves.  So much so that they’ve given of themselves and sacrificed sleep and rest in order to help finish tasks along with me.

On my drive home tonight, I was so thankful to God for these fine individuals, whom supported me greatly this past week, that I wanted to bless them with something, anything, but I lacked the resources to do so; but I tried to give as much as I could, which really didn’t amount to anything at all.  I couldn’t help but to be emotionally overwhelmed with grief that I couldn’t bless them back as much they’ve blessed me.  The only thing that I could’ve done was pray to my God Almighty to bless them someway somehow, even more-so than I could ever do myself.

As I continued to drive home, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed about my life situation as well, and to top it off I was really exhausted, hungry and wondering if I had anything to eat tonight.

I got home heavyhearted, and prayed to my God about my life circumstance. I unloaded my thoughts and desires to Him, then proceeded to unload my car.  I went to my kitchen.  Hugged my mom who was asleep by herself at the dinner table.   Opened the fridge, then my mom wakes up and says that we had chinese food from last night.  I couldn’t help but smile.  I micro-waved the food, sat at the table, looked at my mom whom went back to sleep peacefully at the dinner table.   While eating leftover chinese food, in silence and enjoying my dinner.   Tears began to flow from my eyes.  I felt as if I had Jesus himself embracing me with His love and saying, “You were worried with so much, including what you would eat, and see… I’ve provided for you.  Everything will be okay, I’ll take care of you.  I’ll take care of your friends.  I love you.”

My God is faithful.

If you are struggling in your life circumstance, I encourage you to cast all your anxiety on God because He surely cares for you.  Jesus loves you so much.  He will carry you thru.  He will provide for you, and give you peace, and rest in the craziness of the storms.

Enjoy your Christmas season.

With love.



One response

  1. Stan

    Hey brother. Thanks for your prayers and blessings. Thanks for being there for me in my own situation. I know God is smiling on us that we are lifting each other up. I know he will work in his time for both of us.

    – Stan

    December 15, 2009 at 4:49 am

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