I Just Want You

This song is so beautifully written!  Personally, this song really ministers to me in my current season of life.  I did not realize that my last post was over 8 months ago!  Just reflecting on my life now… it has been a crazy, yet fulfilling YEAR! All this craziness led up to last month, and surely, July for me was an amazing month for me.  Being back home in Hawaii, after a 16 day mission trip, God was speaking to me in so much ways, but being in the “mission mindset,” there wasn’t much time to be truly still before my God and reflect. Its August now, and been a week since I have been back home, and I have been able to be still and reflect a few times now, and slowly God is revealing His will for me.  Surely, big and wonderful things.  But of course, it is not easy- so much uncertainty, just faith and trust in my God needs to be arised in me.  Yes, blessings awaits, but the blessing is not the end all.  What matters most, is not the gift, it is my relationship with the Giver, my God, my Jesus.  I hope this song recalibrates our hearts and focuses us in the right direction, from focusing on the gifts and blessing, to our Giver, our God, our Jesus.  I hope this song blesses you in your life as much as it has for me.

Here are the lyrics… I pray that these words would be more than just words on a screen, but powerful words and declarations from your heart, wanting Jesus more and more in your life.

God bless you all.


“I Just Want You”- by Planet Shakers.

More than a nice melody
More than the sweetest of words
This is the love I have found
and with this love I am found

I just want You Jesus
I just want You my Lord
I just want You Jesus
I just want You

Never could I comprehend
The love You so freely give
Never could I be worthy
But Your love covers all of my sin

There is no greater love than Yours
Nothing else could ever compare
And even if I search all the world
I will never find a love like Yours

One response

  1. Greg

    That’s awesome Shaun…good on you. God bless.

    August 5, 2010 at 3:50 am

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